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Netanel Semrik: Grenade thrown at the health office bureau in Nazereth causes worry with docs

Grenade thrown at the health office bureau in Nazereth, luckily with no harm, causes worry within the medical community.

The incitement against the medical personal in Israel has crossed every line, and the subject is reaching a burning point now with the publishing of the grenade throwing story.

We in Contento Now believe that using open communication and clear words is the solution the solve every battle or conflict, unloading your personal story in a respectful, judgment-free environment is a very empowering experience – whether it's via an interview in our e-tv studios, a printed or digital book worldwide and even a documentary film.

Prof. Aryeh Eldad, prime doctor and former member of Knesset, interviewed in Contento Now's studio and talked with us about the run-in story his father had with the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion.

When will you also choose to unload your personal story in our offices?


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