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Netanel Semrik: Hacker group leaked private stories of thousands of Isrealis in a huge cyber-attack.

Hacker group with ties to Iran leaked private stories of thousands of Isrealis in a huge, troubling cyber-attack.

In an era where privacy becomes less viable by the day, online attack such as this one destroys another crucial piece in the battle of keeping it.

Moshe Tiomkin, Former deputy of Tel Aviv's police, had to deal with hundreds of similar attacks, though in the physical form, such as: A plane kidnapping, hostage rescuing, the abduction of Oron Yarden and many more.

Tiomkin is a never ending story, that writes himself and comes to light every single day. We in Contento Now were happy to assist him publish his book about his fascinating life.

When will you also choose to share about your life missions with Contento Now?


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