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Netanel Semrik: Pfizer's children's vaccine is expected to be approved next week.

Netanel Semrik: Pfizer's children's vaccine for the Covid-19 virus is expected to be approved next week after the initial experiment, and in light of a drop in fully vaccinated in Israel. Today we broadcast an interview in Contento Now's E-tv studios of the unique story of one of the head managers in the health system in Israel.

Soon, 2 million people will not be defined as Pfizer vaccinated.

The relentless fight of the Corona story will probably not end soon, but the children's vaccine can be an important catalyst of making that happen. The vaccine conferences change our lives or earth.

The fierce moral dilemmas regarding the vaccine are raising the heat at the most sensitive departments in hospitals around the globe. Prof. Katz, the neurology expert with a world renowned reputation, shared in Contento Now's E-tv studio about the most crucial moments as a head of a medical institute.

He shared his separation between his work life stories and his private lives stories.

We believe that books and stories come to light in the most optimal way when it caters to the authors preference – whether it's via a book, an interview or a documentary movie, your interesting story deserve to come from your heart, at the right time to see the world.

When will you also choose to publish your most surgical stories with us?


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