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Netanel Semrik: "Rise and work" proclaims Minister of Treasury Avigdor Liberman on the budget

"Rise and work" proclaims Minister of Treasury Avigdor Liberman of the budget approval that grants the Arab community tens of billions of dollars for the first time. It is fascinating ti watch how all of Benyamin Netanyahu's former allies conspire against him together: Neftali Bennett, former head of Netanyahu's corporate, Ivet Liberman former office manager of Netanyahu's, Gideon Sa'ar, former government secretary of Netanyahu, Ze'ev Elkin, former negotiator for Netanyahu and Yair Lapid, former Minister of Treasury under Netanyahu's regime. All work with one another to create this budget.

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Member of the Knesset, Iman Uda, Liberman's and Mahmoud Abbas' political foe, interviewed in Contento Now's E-tv studio and shared with us some of his principals he teaches his children.

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