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Netanel Semrik: State budget approved for the first time in 3 years – election threat removed.

Budgets for the Disabled were risen, and they still are protesting in the street.

Smadar Unna, int'l artsist and painter, is also struggling with disabilities of her own – but still keeps creating, telling and publishing herself every single day.

Now it has been published in "Israel Hay'om" digital edition of her personal publishinh journey with Contento Now's team worldwide via interviews and movies.

Samdar is a current artist, former High-Techemployee that lived on the streets with her wheel chair got to her home in her town, and these days she is working towards opening an art center for the disabled.

We in Contento Now are thrilled to burst in to journey with you.

When will you choose to meet us in our offices?


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