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Netanel Semrik: Tesla's value rises to over a trillion dollars following a massive deal with "Hertz"

Today we broadcast "Israel's first hacker", Sol Tzvi, in Contento Now's E-tv Sutdio.

The story of the Tesla company is an unforgettable one: It was run by the Israeli Ze'ev Drori, started selling cars five years after it was founded and now it's CEO is the richest man alive.

We in Contento Now appreciate personal stories of people that put effort in to their own story, their own publication journey and marketing with self-promotion, Just like Eilon Musk did with Tesla. "You are the best seller" – meaning, you are your own biggest marketing tool.

A woman with a riveting story that turned into her own Best Seller is Sol Tvzi, Israel's first hacker that became one of the brightest brains in High-Tech. She interviewed in our E-tv studio, where she shared her advice for upcoming entrepreneurs.

When will you also initiate your publishing journey with us?


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