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Netanel Semrik: the murder trial of the French holocaust survivor has begun.

Now we share book "The Counterfeiters", an Oscar winning story from another survivor that Contento has published.

The story of the horrific murder of the French holocaust survivor is coming to light once again with the opening of the trial against both suspects.

The tails of rising anti-Semitism and holocaust denial are a global epidemic that only grows stronger as of recently, decades past the end of WW2.

In an era in which the truth became more subjective and feelings based, when there is not a clear line between fake news and true reports, it's twice as important to publish our honest, human stories.

Adolf Burger certainly thought so, a brave holocaust survivor that broke the story about "Operation Bernhard", the Nazi's plot in cause an inflation of the British economy with millions of fake British Pounds.

A great book with quality marketing and branding techniques to many countries and languages around the world can reach the stars – just like the story of Burger, who won an Oscar for best foreign film.

When will you also choose to share your "Oscar" winning story with us for your book?


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