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New head of ISA – shaming or real threat? fomer head's "Citizen C" peaks in to the shadow realm.

Worrisome letter has been sent to the committee that appoints the new head of Israeli Security Agency – honest claims or shameful slander?

The Isreali Security Agency has always been a very mysterious organization that changes world orders right under our nose – even during the Covid 19 pandemic.

A fascinating peak into the shadow realm where the ISA work through the elegant words of Carmi Gilon; former head of the agency. that published his book, "Citizen C" with Contento Now publishing worldwide.

The reader is exposed the brand new details of how the ISA operates, but is warned about the violence that takes place beneath the surface.

Our hearts are filled with dramatic stories, whether you are a former head of the ISA or not. With hard work and dedication, you can reach the mountain tops.

When will you choose share your story with you audience? looking foward to meet you in Contento Now!


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