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One of Israel’s BEST KNOWN former prison mangers, Eliyahu Tsatsashivily COMES OUT WITH ANOTHER BOOK

One of Israel’s most pristine former prison mangers, Eliyahu Tsatsashivily, considered a trail blazer in his field amongst the Georgian descendants in the country, is now publishing his second book.

The book inspect the reasons and causes of the deviation processes in our society. It is viewed through the back story of thousands of people and characters he encountered during his time as prison manager, events of which he published to the media often. It is a social document, and it’s purpose the shine a light on the “backyard” of Israel, to arise conversations and public talk, that is absent today. The author hopes to present the book as a guide to parents, officers and and any educational personal.

We in Contento Now believe that you and those around you can enjoy and be enlightened by your insights and story in your unique publishing journey.

Eliyahu Tsatsashvily published his book this week and thanked Contento Now for our help in the journey.

When will you also choose to share your life stories with us?


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