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strike annouced UmAl Fahem as protest. Today WE AIR an interview with Majalli Wahabi, in THE STUDIO

Collective strike annouced yesterday in Um-Al Fahem as a protest of the murders in the sector. Today we broadcast an interview with former Minister, Majalli Wahabi, in Contento Now studios.

Following the unbearable outbreak of murders in the Arabic community, a necessary strike has been decided in the city of Um-Al Fahem.

The rising of violence and the lack of law enforcement and sovereignty are some of the most challenging issues in our country these days. Those are problems that affect the abilities of both sides to co-exist in peace, side by side.

We in Contento Now nelieve to key to resolve all conflicts is with open, honest and judgment free communication – writing and speaking about the burning topics, make a positive change with words and stories rather than with force and violence.

Like us, Majalli Wahabi also believes in those values. The International publisher, Netanel Semrik, interviewed Wahabi in our E-tv studio's, where he shared stories he had never told before, and the moment he was chosen to run an important parliament in the middle east.

When will you share with us you lives most riveting moments?


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