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The murder investigation of the real esatate agent. today we share our interview with Inbal Or

The investigation of the murder of the real esatate agent thikns. today we share our interview with Inbal Or

The investigation regarding the murder of real estate entrepreneur, Eldad Perry, gets complicated.

Perry was considered a top entrepreneur in his field, until the news broke that he fell into crippling debts of hundreds of millions of shekels.

The shooting and killings in the streets of Israel tell a story of a country with a challenge managing the lack of sovereign due to bounder less violence among ourselves - On the internet, and also near a synagogue in Rehovot.

The stories about the glamour of the real estate entrepreneurial work might shatter many dreams, as was shared with us by former real estate entrepreneur that also collapsed, Inbal Or, in an exclusive interview in Contento Now's E-tv studio, an international publication.

Or came forward with the tragic story she never shared: the drowning of her loved one at sea in front of her eyes.

We suggest everyone to choose and tell your life altering event. Sharing the story only with the interviewer and yourself at first, even if it's challenging, it can be a powerful experience like no other that helps release and assists to build a new story for you and your surroundings.

Whether it's a written book, studio interviews or a documentary, share the universe with your stories – they have infinite strengths that can solves even the challenges in your life that seem unsolvable.

When will you choose to tell us the stories that "built" you in Contento Now's E-tv studio?


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