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Motti Ben Yanay - Survival

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at Motti Ben Yanay's  new book "Survival". This is a moving and powerful book which describes the “adventures” of four heroes, depicting on three very different journeys that interconnect: Yanush “San Claire” is an adventurous Jew in Hungary who is sentenced to death at the age of 18. Not long after Yanush is drafted into the Hungarian army which has united with the German Army - despite the fact that he is Jewish. He manages to escape from the truck he is driving for the SS. He is joined by Bob, an afro-American pilot from the all black Toskgiti squadron, and Aina, a Russian medical officer who dreams of a new life in American after having escaped from German imprisonment. The three heroes manage to capture a train filled with SS and maneuver it into a territory free from German occupation.


If you are interested in the translation or distribution rights for this book, we would love to meet you at the London Book Fair, or via Skype call.

Please supply us with your contact information and we will contact you soon.

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