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The Perfect Idiot

The Perfect Idiot

Title: The Perfect Idiot
Author: Ilan Heitner
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
Previously published
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  • About the Book

    Boaz and Rami are two Tel Aviv filmmakers who are looking for the next big thing: a documentary about a “perfect idiot” who becomes a guru. They find Shmuel the exterminator, who answers every question with an aphorism from the world of aphids, ants and arachnids. His words are eagerly interpreted and applied by brokers and traders — and this highly improbable venture proves to be highly profitable.
    But it’s at home that Rami and Boaz find their stocks tumbling. Are the women in their lives about to trade them? Can an investment in spirituality pay off for our idiotic heroes? This novel presents a biting and brilliantly satiric vision of modern Israeli society, at the juncture of art, commerce and faith.

  • About the Author

    Ilan Heitner

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