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An Italian Treat

An Italian Treat

Title: An Italian Treat
Author: Lilith Mor-Gan
To be published
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  • About the Book

    An Italian Treat is a collection of erotic stories that are connected through a book that Dina brings home from a romantic weekend in Rome, a book of photos of nude men. The book is passed from one character to another, affecting each person differently and triggering a change in each one, whether it's coming to terms life events from their past or rekindling waning marital passion. No one remains the same after this book reaches his or her hands. Most of the stories take place on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel, where the protagonists first met each other, and where most of them still live as Kibbutz members. The erotic ambiance is hypnotizing as the characters overcome their inhibitions and rediscover their sexuality, which eventually leads to positive transformation in their lives. This is Lilith Mor-Gan's first book.

  • About the Author

    Lilith Mor-Gan

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