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A Fragment from the Planet of Ashes

A Fragment from the Planet of Ashes

Title: A Fragment from the Planet of Ashes
Author: Shmuel Socha
Page Count: 377
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-245-9

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  • About the Book

    A fragment from the planet of ashes

    This is the story of a young boy who has survived alone in the dark days of the war, hiding out in a dank, cold forest, with only the animals, birds and trees to talk to. His family had been slaughtered and the enemy was on his trail.

    The story moves – fast forward – to a time of war in Israel, when our protagonist – married and a father – ruminates on his early life, on the life he now leads, and on the meaning of war; that terrible monster that haunts him and follow him throughout his life.

    The language of the book is a poet’s prose: rich, picturesque and filled with original and unique metaphors, and the story itself – which is a journey in time and a journey of the soul – transitions back and forth between the present and the past, forever beckoning to the future.

  • About the Author

    Shmuel Socha was born in 1931 in Brezna in western Ukraine. After surviving World War II as a child in the woods,  he sailed on an Ahapala Ship, “Maapil”, whose passengers were exiled to Cyprus. From there he immigrated to Israel. During the War of Liberation, Socha served in the fourth regiment of the Palmach. He was among the founders of Kibbutz Mashabei Sade and is today a member of Kibbutz Shamir.

    He and his wife, Bracha, have three children and six grandchildren. Fragment from the Planet of Ashes is Shmuel Socha’s first book of prose, after six poetry books, which have been published by Sifriyat Hapoalim, Hakibbutz Hameuchad and Tag.

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