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As Man Sings

As Man Sings

Title: As Man Sings – On the Experience of Free Voice
Author: Giora Rafaeli
Page Count: 128
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-332-6

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  • About the Book

    A bar of bittersweet chocolate knows how great she tastes, and she’s happy to move from the supermarket shelf to the cupboard in the kitchen.

    She hopes that someone will choose and enjoy her wonderful flavor.

    But what happens? She waits and waits and waits, and then…

  • About the Author

    The human voice lives in every person as a whole, complete being. It doesn’t need to be developed but to be set free, to be uncovered.”


    This quintessential quote, taken from the book Uncovering the Voice, raises the central questions connected to the mystery of the human voice.

    Does the basic longing to “burst out in song” live in every human being?
    Is it possible to fulfil this need in every human being; or is this a privilege reserved for only the talented? What are the grandest implications for a person’s life when he walks the path of uncovering his true voice?

    An eventful personal story and a holistic worldview of Man interweave in this book, where the hidden secrets of music and the singing voice deeply and intimately connect to Man’s voyage of spiritual development.

    Giora Rafaeli, born in 1939 in Israel, was raised and educated in Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk. His musical education began in his youth as a French horn player. In his twenties, he began building his musical career as an orchestra player and soloist in Israel and abroad, receiving much acclaim for his musical achievements.

    After twenty years of professional playing, he experienced a rift in his personal and professional life. He started a new chapter in his life that led him to encountering Anthroposophy. In 1980, he co-founded Kibbutz Harduf in the north of Israel. He continued his deep connection to music that guided him toward a seven-year voyage of study in England and in Germany, together with his wife, Sarah. On this voyage, he met the “Path of Uncovering the Voice.” This path opened spiritual dimensions of music for him, and the connection between the tonal world and human life.

    In 1991, Giora returned to Israel to teach with Sarah the “Path of Uncovering the Voice” to individuals, groups, and in workshops.

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