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Battling Choices

Battling Choices

Title: Battling Choices
Author: Yotam Gadot
Page Count: 126
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-550-4

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  • About the Book

    “Yotam  Gadot  (Gedasi),  commanded  a  Tanks  battalion  from 1988-1990. This was the period of marking the start of the Intifada and escalation of battle in the safety zone on the Lebanese border - which gave birth to confusion and distress among the ranks of the IDF; and a sense of dilemma between actions and morality.

    This  conflict  between  personal  ethics  and  executing  certain military  orders  created  an  internal  rift  within  many  of  us.  As reflected  in  the  book’s  name,  certain  decisions  often  opposed personal  beliefs  and  threatened  to  paralyze  us.  The  survival tactics of commanders within the complex military system, these complicated conditions as backdrop, are the focus of this book.

    Keeping this in mind, Battling Choices, is an important milestone for  commanders,  from  a  tactical  standpoint.  It  illuminates  the “lonely people”; the process of decision making, the boundaries of leadership and our ability to extract the best from ourselves and from our soldiers.”


    General Yiftach Rontal – Head of Ground Command

  • About the Author

    Yotam Gadot

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