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Bless Every Moment

Bless Every Moment

Title: Bless Every Moment
Author: Gil Weiner
Page Count: 153
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-482-8
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  • About the Book

    Years of soul searching and self-exploring brought Gil Weiner to understand that our life destiny is a journey to develop our consciousness and shape our own reality.
    In his book, Weiner expresses this in clear and memorable language, and in a way that enables learning and the use of the knowledge and the experience he gathered.
    The book unfolds gradually, showing its readers the principles of the approach that advocates "training in creating reality and developing consciousness."
    The book interweaves theory, practice, life stories, and documented processes collected during Weiner's lifelong work. This guide book is recommended for anyone who wants to learn a unique and successful approach to progress in life's journey of developing the mind and creating reality.

  • About the Author

    Gil Weiner

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