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Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Title: Borrowed Time
Author: Bilha Noy
Page Count: 320
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN: 978-965-550-120-9
Previously published
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  • About the Book

    Borrowed Time ”A shared Journey to the End”. Dr. Noy, a prominent psychologist and international authority on the subject of trauma, passed away from a malignant brain tumor. This book recounts the personal and moving journey of farewell, told from the point of view of the wife, herself a professional counselor. The book unfolds the couple”s family and friends, dealing with the disease until the inevitable end. The author invites the reader to embark on a painful journey through the loss of one”s independence and autonomy, while trying to preserve basic human dignity. She tells the story of dealing with the rigid medical system, with physicians that are afraid to confront death; the conflict between home and hospice, her new role as the head of the family and the difficult moral choices that must be made.

    A must read book for anyone having to deal with illness and death, for professional therapists and caretakers. The author Bilha Noy, PhD, is a former head of the Israeli National Psychological and Counseling.

  • About the Author

    The author, Ronit Plotnik PhD, is an educational and developmental psychologist, a therapist who has been helping children and their families for many years, and lecturer at Teachers College. She has published many books on various developmental subjects, amongst them her very successful book for parents of twins.

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