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Dates in the City

Dates in the City

Title:  Dates in the City
Author: Dalya Tamir
Page Count: 172
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN:  978-965-7450-68-0
Soft cover price: 14$
Special price: 11$
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  • About the Book

    “…Dan leaned over, put his arms around my neck, pulled me back towards him and tried to embrace me tightly. “Oh … what is it?” I was amazed, “I”m not ready.” “So you”ll be ready for it, because I want to show you something beautiful, something you”ve never seen before…”

    Dates in the City is a Must-Read for women seeking men and men who want to know what women Really Think

    In an honest collection of short stories, author Dalya Tamir presents a vivid portrayal of the world of online dating following divorce, and the search for a second chance at love. Each story explores an aspect of dating from the author’s true-life experiences, including the lies – both big and small, the games and the coded language that reveals what dozens of men really want when they hunt online for true love. The result is a fascinating book that is both funny and poignant.
    The book gives the reader a glimpse into the world of men, down to their most basic instincts, hopes and desires.

    Following her divorce, Dalya Tamir went on nearly 100 dates over a period of almost 15 years. Her experiences with men proved to be at times funny, moving, surprising, disappointing, and often astonishing. Dalya has gathered these stories in a unique collection that enable a thought-provoking exposé of the world of dating, single life, and the fascinating, yet exhausting, search for Mister Right.

    “Dates in the City” is a must-read for anyone trying to survive the endless treadmill of dating, or those starting again following a break-up or divorce

  • About the Author

    Dalya Tamir

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