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Dividing the Pie & Keeping it Whole

Dividing the Pie & Keeping it Whole

Title: Dividing the Pie & Keeping it Whole - National Risks, Economics and Defense Sectors
Author: Imri Tov
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
To be published
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  • About the Book

    Imri Tov served as economics advisor to Israel's Defense Sector insuring balanced relations between economics, security, culture, structure, international and national issues. 
    He describes the yearly symposium on the military budget as superficial and sometimes irrelevant.  Tov suggests that integration of sectors is necessary to keep the system functioning as a whole.

  • About the Author

    Imri Tov served in the Israel Defense Forces, worked for the Bank of Israel as well as the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Finance and was on the board of Israel's largest corporations. He holds a degree in economics, business and political sciences. His book, "The Price of Defense Power" was published in 1998. He has published numerous articles.

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