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Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

Title: Ecclesiastes Chapter 3
Author: Ittai Altshuler
Page Count: 66
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN-10: 9655502090
ISBN-13: 978-9655502091
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  • About the Book

    The Book of Ecclesiastes brings its wisdom to the reader in a poetic way, asking for poetic and visual responses. I could not resist the invitation. This book reflects my vision of the third chapter, containing possibly the most well-known and celebrated lines of poetry in the Bible. Each phrase seems to challenge our beliefs, pressing us to answer the eternal questions that haunt each generation: When is the right time for war? What is love and what is hatred? Where do we reap the profit from our deeds – in this life or the next? I had multiple deeply emotive responses to Ecclesiastes that evolved into a single poem and a single black-white print that reflects my soul’s confrontation with each thought expressed by the King of Israel… and my inability to choose a definitive response. Always, before my eyes, while creating this project, I followed the advice of my mentor and my guide – To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

  • About the Author

    Ittai Altshuler, was born and raised in Jerusalem (1963) where he was inspired by the city's contrasting elements: Spirit & Stone, Past & Future, Holiness & Hulin, Man & Nature. This wealth of contrasting elements is reflected in his life; as a family man, as a healer of mind and body (developer of the Altshuler method), teacher & marine life enthusiastic (a Scuba Diving & Skipper Instructor). Ittai Altshuler is an artist and a poet. He has exhibited his works in Israel and abroad. Today He lives in Eilat by the red sea, where the desert and the sea meet thus inspiring him.Ittai Altshuler has a degree in the Humanities and is a System Analyst and Software Developer. He is also a Scuba Diving Instructor & Skipper. He has published six books (including "Living The Vital Element", "Ecclesiastes Chapter 3" & La-hatsot et ha-midbar be-tsaad"). He continues to search for new paths towards self-fulfillment and happiness, for himself and others.

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