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Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

Title: Eye to Eye
Author: Dani Haloutz
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-559-7
Page count: 581
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  • About the Book

    Dan Haloutz spent  over 40 years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He was the country's 14th Air Force Commander for 4 years and served as the 18th Commander in Chief of the Israel Defense Forces for a year and a half.  Haloutz stepped down after the 2006 Lebanon War, at the height of public scrutiny regarding the war's outcome.

    Dan Haloutz shares his fascinating life story; beginning with a modest childhood on Kibbutz Hagor to his elite positions in the Israeli Army.  His writing is candid in its depictions and includes self- introspection as well as the examination of high-ranking officers and political figures.

    During the War of Attrition, as a young pilot in an elite unit flying a Phantom airplane, he witnessed the loss of his beloved Commander, Shmuel Chetz (z"l) when he was hit by an Egyptian anti- aircraft missile. During the Yom Kippur war he flew with the elite unit "The One", which suffered more casualties than any other unit in the Air Force. He continued in his role surviving the shocks and surprise that came with victory – albeit one with heavy causalities.

    In the following years, Haloutz climbed the ladder of leadership from captain in the Air Force to Wing Commander, then Brigadier General of the Air Force.  As a result of his extraordinary leadership and organizational abilities, Haloutz was the first member of the Air force to be elected as Commander in Chief in the history of the Israel Defense Forces.

    As Commander in Chief , Haloutz succeeded in the "disengagement" of Gazza, which he describes in depth in his book. "My heart cries with the refugees - but this was a test of democracy that our country had to endure." So writes the man who belonged to the Zionist Chasidim party. Over the years his stance has softened.

    The 2006 Lebanon War introduced Haloutz to the workings of the IDF ground forces which he found faulty and which he felt greatly contributed to deadly mistakes. But, Haloutz doesn't leave room for doubt when he says; as time passes, it is clear that critical goals were achieved.

    Since that cease fire, Israel has enjoyed complete quiet on the Northern front, the Hezbollah having retreated. Haloutz explains why The Winogard Commission, according to him, distorted the word "natural justice" in its investigation and did not accurately assess the goals in comparison to the achievements.

    "Eye to Eye" is the book of a warrior, a fearless officer and citizen, who has distinct opinions about the IDF and the Israeli society in general – but still holds hope that Israel will be able to stand strong against it future challenges. This is an exciting and emotional book; its honesty shines through every sentence. This book is a must read for anyone interested in Israel's national security and ability to survive.


  • About the Author

    Dan Haloutz was born in 1948 to an Iranian father and an Iraqi mother. He was raised on Kibbutz Hagor and in Holon and joined the army in 1966. He served as pilot during the War of Attrition, the Yom Yippur War and the First Lebanon War. He also filled an elite position in the "Levy Project" and was commander of the Chazor base. He studied Economics at Tel Aviv University and a course for Managers at Harvard University. He is married to Irit and father to Tal, Ran and Yael. He is currently a businessman.  

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