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Title: Fired? It”s the Greatest Opportunity Of Your Life
Author: Bermanis, Idit
Page Count: 224
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-7450-32-1

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  • About the Book

    Fired? by Idit Bermanis, is a survival guide for the upheaval and the confusion of sudden unemployment. A talented, admired workshop leader and coach, Idit Bermanis, was at the peak of a promising career, having already brightened the lives of thousands of clients for twenty years, teaching them how to restore their self image. Thanks to her, thousands of clients have returned to satisfying work. One morning, having just returned from a trip to South America, a totally unexpected message greeted her arrival: “You”re fired!” Idit, an expert in her field, found herself on the verge of collapse. For no reason, with no explanation, out of the blue, her world crumbled before her. Idit Bermanis then set out on a journey of self discovery that produced the first book of its kind, where her personal story leads the reader through an empowering experience of his own, offering a unique combination of practical tips along with the author”s personal, captivating and optimistic story. This book offers a solution for anyone who”s lost a job and is ready for a new look at himself as he re-enters the world of work. reading this book you will find: How to develop internal harmony? How to create positive emotional energy? How to build a daily schedule for professional job hunting? How to write a winning resume? How to transform a job interview to victory? And most importantly, how to create new self awareness during this journey?

  • About the Author

    Bermanis, Idit

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