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From Baghdad to the Pathways of Diplomacy

From Baghdad to the Pathways of Diplomacy

Title: From Baghdad to the Pathways of Diplomacy
Author: Zvi Gabay
Page Count:  466
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN:  978-965-550-428-6
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  • About the Book

    From Baghdad to the Pathways of Diplomacy is the autobiography of an Israeli diplomat, Zvi Gabay – from his childhood in Baghdad, through his immigration to Israel, life on the kibbutz, to his career of service in Israel’s diplomatic service around the world in America, Egypt, Australia, Ireland and finally serving as the Deputy Director- General of the Foreign Ministry and the Director of the Asia and Pacific Division.


     “This book comprises a great treasury of firsthand knowledge of the countries in which Zvi Gabay served. The book is written in a concise andprecise manner and with the accuracy of an academic,
    knowledgeable on the subject and proud of his work…the reader finds in the book the history of the State of Israel, woven into the life of a diplomat, Zvi Gabay.”
                                                                           Prof. S. Moreh, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


     “This book of memoirs is written with diplomatic restraint, interwoven with fascinating events and facts, all expressed in the moderate and modest tone of Zvi Gabay, a Jew of Middle Eastern origin who, arriving in Israel at the age of thirteen, was given the
    opportunity to fulfill his dream through a career in public service.”
                                                                           Prof. L. Hakak, University of California, Los Angeles

  • About the Author

    This is Zvi Gabay’s second book. His first book, Poetry: The Beautiful Imperialism, a collection of modern Arabic verse translated to Hebrew, with commentary and essays, was published in 2010. The Association for the promotion of Research, Literature and Art (AHI), founded in Israel by Jews from Iraq, awarded Zvi Gabay their
    premier prize in December 2014.

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