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Hand Path

Hand Path

Title: Hand Path
Author: Dorit Drori
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN:  978-965-550-172-8
Page count: 300
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  • About the Book

    This book is a powerful tool in developing insight, inner guidance and inspiration, and in broadening our  points of view. Hand Path  guides us on a new journey, awakening the subconscious and enabling observations of meaningful experiences. 
    In the book you will find a wide range of situations in the life-cycle, from birth to maturity to death and back to rebirth.
    This book is a great tool for therapists, teachers, counselors, speakers, workshop leaders, trainers, life coachers and anyone who wishes to awaken their awareness.The book may be used during therapy sessions, trainings, seminars, and workshops; on family occasions; and for business or social activities.

  • About the Author

    The hands appearing in the book were photographed and developed by Dorit Drori, a photographer, artist, and art therapist.

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