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Haven in Africa

Haven in Africa

Title: Haven in Africa
Author: Frank Shapiro
Page Count: 156
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 965-229-285-0
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  • About the Book

    Haven in Africa is the story of Jewish immigration to Northern Rhodesia which  emerges into the hands as an irreversible blemish that played into the hands of the Nazi regime, trapping European Jewry in a hellish nightmare. Placed in the context of the political machinations of the time, this book provides a crucial piece in the complex puzzle of Jewish History.
    Frank Shapiro MA in History, from Hebrew University, taught European and Jewish history; and was a researcher at the Museum of the Diaspora, Tel Aviv. Shapiro was commissioned by the Council for Zambian Jewry to research and write the history of Jews of Zambia/Northern Rhodesia leading to the publication of Zion in Africa in 1999.

  • About the Author

    Frank Shapiro

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