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Zeus on Wall Street

Zeus on Wall Street

Title: Zeus on Wall Street
Author: Moria Avnimelech
Page Count: 318
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento

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  • About the Book

    Zeus on Wall Street is an allegory of present day world economy.  The mythos of King Midas symbolizes greed, the story of Belerophon, the Chimera slayer, can be interpreted as representing the hubris of modern day tycoons, imagining themselves as gods; Hydra’s multiple heads and arms can be likened to mega-conglomerates and multinational corporations,  their tentacles reaching  every sector of the economy.
    Mythological heroes such as Hercules, Theseus, Perseus and Odysseus have their modern day equivalents in serial hi-tech entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Larry Page.
    Zeus on Wall Street takes the reader on a fascinating journey through Ancient Greek mythology and the modern myths of present day economy.  The similarities are striking: Both cultures worship rationality and efficiency, ingenuity and resourcefulness, aggressiveness, risk taking and the inexorable drive to success.

  • About the Author

     Moria Avnimelech

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