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Illuminating Israel

Illuminating Israel

Title: Illuminating Israel
Author: Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
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  • About the Book

    Illuminating Israel documents Torah lessons conducted at the yeshiva "Orot Ha'ari"  in Zefat by the head and founder of the school, Ezra Sheinberg Shlita. They are based on the tractate "Tzav Ve Zeruz" by the The Grand Rabbi of Paseczo. The book touches on various subjects such as Avodat Hashem and Loving Hashem, self-introspection, the power of thought, dealing with the yetzer hara and impulses, prayer, belief during moments of adversity and more. 
    Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg HaShlita expands the Grand Rabbi's writings in accessible language making it suitable for every level of reader in order to deepen Avodat Hashem.

  • About the Author

    Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg

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