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Journey To The Galapagos

Journey To The Galapagos

Title: Journey To The Galapagos
Author: Jacob Akerman
Page Count: 48
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-342-5

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  • About the Book

    n the most beautiful spot you’ll ever see,

    All things live together in tranquility.

    In beautiful lands untouched by man, Noa and Grandpa face an exciting adventure in which reality and imagination become intertwined. On their journey, new challenges bring forth their courage, resourcefulness, determination and most of all their faith. The awesome power of nature is revealed in its full glory through illustrations and photographs, opening a door to an enchanted world amid these far-flung islands.

    This adventure, told in rhyme, describes the unique friendship between a young girl and a remarkable bird. The moral and theme of the story are one: “Animals should live in their natural habitats, not in zoos.”

  • About the Author

    Jacob Akerman

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