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Learn, Love, Live – a life coaching planner

Learn, Love, Live – a life coaching planner

Title: Learn, Love, Live – a life coaching planner
Author: Brenda Hausler
Page Count: 168
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-014-1

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  • About the Book

    Learn, Love, Live is a calendar, date book, and a workbook with exercises to guide you, step by step, in creating a productive and balanced year. It is based on 4 guiding principles: Gratitude, Initiative, Well-being and the Inner Compass. As you learn each of these principles, you will engage in both new ways of thinking and in new practices. LLL is about finding balance in your life, and creating a sense of wellness based on your values, motivated by your goals and crafted by your actions. You are the creator of your inspiring year!

  • About the Author

    Brenda Hausler grew up in Albany, NY and emigrated to Israel in the early 80′s to Kibbutz Ketura in the southern Arava desert. She embraced the peace and beauty of the desert while living in a vibrant, progressive and extraordinary collective community. Brenda is both an educator of children and a life coach to teens and adults, guiding them with tools to push past their challenges, and soar.

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