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Make Your Passion Your Reality

Make Your Passion Your Reality

Title: Make Your Passion Your Reality
Author: Ilana Weibel
Page Count: 186
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-488-0

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  • About the Book

    Growing up in Israel during the 70’s is not an easy thing to do.

    Like many young people as well as adults, Ilana Weibel knew she wanted something, but did not know what that ‘thing’ was. She spent the early part of her adult life searching for happiness and satisfaction. A chance encounter with a life-coach helped find her ‘calling’ in life. She realized that it was her destiny to become a coach and help others. Now, after years of experience, Ilana wants to share her method with the world.

    Everyone has a personal journey. Each life is unique in its essence and purpose. This book offers a proven and powerful model that helps readers to methodically identify their personal journey. Most methods for occupational assessment relate to the person’s characteristics and typology, established from systematic questionnaires. The model developed by author Ilana Weibel in her groundbreaking book harnesses the unique individuality and hidden purpose of the reader, from within their personal fabric of desires and passions. Based upon successful outcomes with hundreds of people, the model presents a series of stages, encompassing processes and questions that carry the individual towards his or her deepest desires. There are no gimmicks, and no pre-determined categories or pigeonholes. The process at every stage is designed to uncover and define the path that will lead to the fulfillment of the reader’s uniquely individual life mission.


    Using this book, you will:

    • Know and find your ‘Calling’ and find a satisfying and meaningful direction in your life

    • Understand the importance of your Destiny, or Calling

    • Follow a simple method

    • Encounter NO quirky short-term changes

  • About the Author

    Ilana Weibel graduated from the Technion (a prestigious technical university in Israel); she began her working life as an engineer of aircraft. She has worked as a life coach, as a college and university lecturer. She now consults private clients and lives in Northern Israel.

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