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Managment Mastery in Life

Managment Mastery in Life

Title: Managment Mastery in Life
Author: Dudu Aiber
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-509-2

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  • About the Book

    What is the correct way of managing?

    Anyone not wanting to wait for the final outcome to prove that he is doing the right thing – who desires to acquire the wisdom of executive administration, supervising and controlling techniques of running communal productive institutions form the actual opening move, as the man in charge, avoiding mistakes while really progressing towards the future – here is the good news:

    Management Mastery in Life portrays thoroughly and comprehensively how to prevent, rather than cure, parallel to being a useful guide to everybody aspiring to lead others or looking for the proper manner and the right order to dominate his or her own life.

    The above is a universal-pluralist document, the first of its kind related to the encompassing scope introduced, the multifarious of ideas detailed and the global response to the spectrum of issues described and discussed throughout.

    It is an associative essay, enveloping a sequence of basic truths, covering methodically different disciplines concerning self-conduct and organizational headship.

    This composition deals with the “soft” ingredients of the management doctrine (human resources, skills, styles, values, theories…) as well as its “hard” ones (hierarchies, strategies, tactics, modus operandi…).

    The book offers tools that will allow the reader to plan, decide, motivate, follow up, criticize, draw conclusions, rectify and ameliorate his personal routine subsistence or the entity at the top of which he stands.

  • About the Author

    In light of his rich experience and following a decade of deep and meticulous research, the author presents in a flowing style some sensible and thought-provoking “decrees” for overseeing, directing, monitoring and handling corporate entities – in professional,

    albeit elementary, terms – laying out all of their aspects, from A to Z. And these notions are, indeed, coming from the bottom of the heart, spiced with quiet a touch of humor all along.

    His perfected ideology is sophisticated and challenging, which turns out to be an exceptional operative combination of the “how” and the “what” – practical and realistic – starting with the very first step of the quest.

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