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No Boundaries Living

No Boundaries Living

Title:  No Boundaries Living
Author:  Aloni Eran
Page Count: 194
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN:  978-965-550-063-9
Soft cover price: 16.99$
Special price: 14.95$
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  • About the Book

    In the heart of Shanghai, on the 52nd floor of an exclusive office building, a group of senior managers has just been informed about the collapse of their giant firm. They are gathered for a meeting with Ron Costi, a well-known young psychologist and expert in business crises. Ron shares with them his tools and insights for coping with the threat of layoff and the crises they face, using his own life story as an example, from his childhood in a small fishing village in Italy, to Zen monasteries in Asia, to being the father of a disabled child and running a successful international career. His story is interwoven with the managers” stories, crossing continents and sharing experiences, ambitions, self-fulfillment, and dreams, to create a unique narrative that takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Eran Aloni is a student of psychology, a start-up entrepreneur, and a stress management consultant to public and government organizations. He is also a social activist who works with communities at risk. Eran lived for seven years in the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii, fulfilling his dream of surfing the world”s best waves. For ten years, while serving in a variety of senior management positions in international firms, he studied Eastern philosophy, spent his time off in Zen monasteries, became a yoga teacher, and studied at the Warrior Monks Academy in Shaolin. Ron”s story is based on Eran”s life story, which is revealed to the reader as an autobiographical novel. This is Eran Aloni”s first book.

  • About the Author

    Eran Aloni is a senior executive, entrepreneur and surfing addict who lived in the Caribbean islands for seven years. He also worked as a social activist with communities at risk and people suffering from post traumatic stress. Motivated by his diverse international career, Aloni studied psychology and Eastern philosophy. During his spare time, he studied in Zen monasteries, Yoga institutes and martial arts schools.

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