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Queen Berenice

Queen Berenice

Title: Queen Berenice
Author: Havazelet Farber-Scheffer
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
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  • About the Book

    It is 70 AD.  The Land of Israel is under harsh Roman rule. The Jewish revolt against their Roman oppressors ends in tragedy, while the fateful meeting of Berenice and Titus shapes Jewish history. 
    Queen Berenice, a Jewish queen and daughter of kings,beautiful, rich and intelligent. Married three times, widowed twice and once divorced. She falls in love for the first time – with the wrong man: Titus. A brutal Roman general and emperor-to-be. He massacres innocent Jews, men, women and children, destroys the Jewish capital, Jerusalem, and burns down the Jewish Temple, heart of their nation and religion. 
    How can Queen Berenice fall in love with the Roman enemy of her people and  join his war against the Jews?

  • About the Author

    Havazelet Farber-Scheffer 

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