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Rain and Bow’s Quest to Find Planet Happee - Book 1

Rain and Bow’s Quest to Find Planet Happee - Book 1

Title: Rain and Bow’s Quest to Find Planet Happee
Book 1 – The Land of I’m-Possible
Author: Orly Bar-Kima
Page Count: 46
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-347-0
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  • About the Book

    Orly Bar-Kima is a writer, speaker, and life coach. She developed the Twelve Keys method for achieving personal 

    transformation, leaving restrictive thoughts and limiting beliefs behind, and overcoming difficulties, fears, and doubts. Her book Open Yourself to Transformation lays out twelve steps, each focusing on a specific transformational key for life. Now Orly has turned this method into a series for children.

    These fun and adventurous books help children find their inner strengths and take control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions. This is the first in The 12 Keys for Transformation, For Children series.

    Rain and Bow are seven-year-old twins, brother and sister. They’ve just moved from their beautiful home in the valley to a house in the dull grey city. One day they discover something amazing: an old and magical big, blue bus!

    They decide to travel, in their imaginations, to new worlds. They decide to search for Planet Happee! Before they can blink, the bus whizzes them away to the Land of I’m-Possible. In this new land, they learn that they will need to find twelve keys, each on a different world, if they want to get to Planet Happee.

    Rain and Bow must discover how to turn adversity into advantage in order to find the first key. They will meet Ican, their mentor and guide, who will help them on their journey. They will also meet a crocodile, a snake, and a worried mother bear! Follow them now on their adventure, and you too will learn about the first key to transformation.

  • About the Author

    Orly Bar-Kima is a writer, speaker and a life coach. Her method for transformation centers around Twelve Keys which enable women to set their own transformation process in motion, allowing them to leave their restrictive thoughts and limiting beliefs behind and achieve personal growth to overcome difficulties, fears and doubts.

    Her book , 'Open Yourself To Transformation', is an empowering book that tell 30 success inspirational stories, and consists of twelve chapters, each focusing on a specific transnational key for life.

    For the last decade Orly has mentored and inspired thousands of women to remember who they really are, and to change their lives.

    She recently set her vision further and wrote 12 individual books for children. Her books, based on fun and adventure, will help children to be more connected with their inner strengths and take control of their thoughts, emotions and actions.

    With the Twelve Keys they, too can discover self-awareness, and lead themselves, at a young age, towards a life that is happy and fulfilling.

    Hi, my name is Orly Bar-Kima and i believe that no matter where you live, the amount of money, or education you have. No netter if you are single, married, what is your age, religious beliefs. No matter how deep is the hole you are now in, and how bad is the situation you too, can transform you life.

    My life purpose is to inspire you, and teach you tools-keys to find your inner-strength, and motivate you to transform your live. I invite you to go on a spacial inner journey, that will inspire you and enable you to change your life.

    More info about Me: 
    I am the owner and founder of "The Keys to Transformation in Life," a company that specializes in life coaching, lectures, workshops and seminars focused on personal development and inner growth, through my unique method.

    I became a life coach after a decade working as a journalist in the Israeli media. Today, I am a certified coach and member of the Israeli Coaches' Association. I facilitate a weekly talk show on Best Life Radio, and write articles for Another Life Magazine. My specialties include coaching women toward personal transformation, group training, and using unique listening and communication techniques from the Institute for Global Listening and Communication. I am also a certified NLP practitioner

    I hold a BA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.
    I am married and a mother of three boys, as well as a sister, friend, and daughter. I enjoy painting and writing, practicing yoga and am an avid reader.

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