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Ronny and the Ski Accident

Ronny and the Ski Accident

Title: Ronny and the Ski Accident
Author: Eitan Friedman
Page Count: 62
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-479-8

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  • About the Book

    The orthopedic surgeon, the doctor responsible for all the people who had broken bones that day, came to see me.

    The orthopedist looked at the results of the X-ray on the computer and at the rest of the tests they’d run on me and

    said, “The shin bone is fractured. Since there has been no movement, it will not be necessary to operate, but he will

    need to be in a cast for at least four weeks. Maybe even six weeks.” He just blurted that out without looking at me

    or Mom or Dad and without even thinking that six weeks in a cast leaves me only two weeks without a cast. “Dad,

    Sasha, the championship!”


    Eleven-year-old Ronny Smith, member of the children’s ski team, was planning to win the Utah Statewide Junior

    Ski Championship. An unexpected ski accident disrupts his plans. Ronny fractures his shin bone.

    What is a bone? What is a fracture? Does it hurt? What do you see in an X-ray? What is the orthopedic surgeon’s

    job? Will the broken leg prevent Ronny from winning the skiing championship?

  • About the Author

    Eitan Friedman

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