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Small Town Bar

Small Town Bar

Title: Small Town BarInsights-A Source Of Hope
Author: Chen Kuczynski
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-703-837-6 
Page Count: 175

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  • About the Book

    Five friends from the same town get together at the same bar every evening. The owner of the bar, the legendary Jack Ronaldson is also the husband of the sexiest waitress in the district, Julie-Juliette. She’s the one who takes care of the drinks that flow like water and the ambience that makes the customers come back for more!  

    The story takes place at a small town's bar and focuses on social interactions of seemingly simple people. The town's residents encounter the bar frequently as they try to pass their time and forget, if only just for a moment, of their tedious day to day lives. The bar is an arena of discussions, love stories and conflicts, and as plain as it seems, it expresses all colors and shades of humanity.  

    "What drives me to write is a deep passion that comes from the bottom of my heart and soul. My emotions are expressed as I invest my all in order to create a perfect piece that will touch people's hearts and souls and let them experience moments of joy, peace and passion."


  • About the Author

    Chen Kuczynski, born in 1990, is a script writer. Small town bar is his third book.  

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