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Symphony of Light

Symphony of Light

Title: Symphony of Light
Author: Talya Birkhahn
Page Count: 368
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-302-9

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  • About the Book

     A SYMPHONY OF LIGHT is an autobiographical journey, both spiritual and philosophical, based on the Ten Sephirot of Kabbalah. It allows readers to tap into their rich inner life as well as the love and magic surrounding them. In each chapter, Talya Birkhahn encourages introspection, which enables inner growth and the improvement of relationships. The focus of the journey described in A Symphony of Light is connecting to the soul, which draws its strength from above. The journey proceeds in tranquility, on a path paved with gold towards a shining destination. Conversations with her children reflect her progressive attitude towards mothering. A Symphony of Light is an inspirational read for everyone, offering a new look at education, parenthood, and humanity.

    Through the Sephirot, love comes down into the world. From the wisdom and love of children that lies in Talya Birkhahn’s heart, comes a refined book, abundant with brilliant new guidelines for communication between parent and child, teacher and pupil, human being and human being. (Professor Adir Cohen, The University of Haifa)


  • About the Author

    Talya Birkhahn is co-director of the Israel Center for Philosophy in Education, whose motto is “Philosophy for Life.” She is a graduate of the Mandel Leadership Institute. She lectures and develops programs on spirituality and philosophy, feminism, and empowerment. She was a professional player in The Israeli Women’s Basketball Premier League and works with the Antea Gallery at Kol Ha-Isha, the Jerusalem Women’s Center. Her first book,Letters to My Angel, has received international acclaim and is an Amazon Best Seller. Talya has also created theSymphony of Light card series, inspirational cards for adult and children.

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