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Telos – From Theory To Practice

Telos – From Theory To Practice

Title: Telos – From Theory To Practice
Author: Ayelet Segal
Page Count: 315
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-233-4

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  • About the Book

    This is a time of regeneration for Planet Earth. Over the years we have developed an entire network of life beneath the surface of the earth, based on light, love, and vibrations of energy whose source is the Supreme Creator.

    A network of cities was established with the support of angels and of many light entities. Today we are connected to all the subterranean cities of earth, and now we are at the stage of revelation. Many light entities who have chosen to reveal themselves and be incarnated on earth’s surface, are reaching us for treatment and daily study in support of their journey on the path of light. The knowledge already exists in you, and what is important is to awaken your bodies to the ancient knowledge, to activate the DNA helices, and to open the codes that have been dormant in your being for many lifetimes.

    We invite you to a journey of awakening, of departure, of action. The purpose of this book is to speak about enlightenment in the Middle East, and to explain the importance of enlightening the light entities who are now awakening and connecting to the Lemurian energy of love that exists throughout the world. I, Adama, who represent the light people in Telos, see this as a mission of paramount importance in raising the vibrations across the globe. A great leap forward will take place when residents of the area awaken and understand that there is only one way to ascend, and that true awakening is through the heart.

    By Adama, the High Priest of the light city – Telos

  • About the Author

    Ayelet Segal

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