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The Hummus King

The Hummus King

Title: The Hummus King
Author: Ilan Heitner
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
Previously published
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  • About the Book

    “Sometimes I walk down the street and wonder: Where are they all going? Where is she going? And where the hell do they all come from? Then I close my eyes for a moment and think: Is there anyone who is really happy inside?"

    When Amir, a bored young Israeli filmmaker, travels to New York, he is hoping for a new direction in his life, and he finds it with Philly, an intriguing woman who is unlike anyone he’s ever met before — wild, free and enticingly dangerous. Can the Hummus King find happiness with the Bathtub Queen? Or is their whirlwind romance doomed to leave him more alone than ever?

  • About the Author

    Ilan Heitner

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