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The Jewish Refugee Warship

The Jewish Refugee Warship

Title: The Jewish Refugee Warship
Author: Arik Kerman 
Page Count: 275
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN-13: 978-1522971702 
ISBN-10: 152297170X 
Special price: 20$
E-Book: 10$
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  • About the Book

    “The book sheds new light on clandestine affairs and sets the records straight. These revelations necessitate re-examination of the canonical history concerning the period of illegal immigration of Jewish refugees into the Land of Israel from 1945-1948.”

    Professor Yakov Goldstein At twilight on 24th June 1946, three British destroyers sped towards a small warship that tried to break through the British marine blockade of the Land of Israel. 1,250 Jewish refugees, survivors of the Nazi concentration camps were crowded together with a crew of American Jewish volunteers on the small unarmed corvette, They named the ship to honor the memory of a British lord, Colonel Josiah Wedgwood, who fought to realize his country's commitment to the establishment of a Jewish homeland in the Land of Israel.

    The book revolves around the story of this ship, overshadowed by the conflict between the different protagonists and institutions involved.

  • About the Author

    Arik Kerman was born in Tel Aviv, an ex-navy man, his writing deals with the subject of Man and the Sea. His first book "The Stoker" was published in Hebrew by Sifriat Poalim. The book "The Jewish Refugees' Warship" is the product of many years intensive research conducted by Kerman in Israel and Britain.

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