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The Moment That Changed My Life

The Moment That Changed My Life

Title: The Moment That Changed My Life
Author: Netanel Semrik
Page Count: 150
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-033-2

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  • About the Book

    “I was addicted to fear, drama, restlessness, anger, shame, guilt, depression, crises and suffering. Until the one moment that everything simply changed.” A rare collection of people from all over the world: lecturers, engineers, policemen and women, psychologists, teachers, and lay people, who describe the One Moment where they set out on the path to harmony. The One Moment when their lives were transformed. Here, they expose with extraordinary candor the simplicity and relief of the One Moment that changed their lives. Once a year, the “people of light” leave their normal lives behind and gather from all over the world to experience and experiment with practical tools for creating a better life, full of optimism and serenity. They gather at the world”s largest spiritual university to meet with outstanding lecturers in philosophy and to undergo the exquisite experience of internal tranquility. The world”s largest spiritual university was founded by Brahma Baba from India, who at the age of 60 underwent a personal revolution in his life, creating the beginning of a new life journey. Today there are over 8,500 centers of the Brahma Kumaris in over 110 countries worldwide.

  • About the Author

    Zvika Bergman

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