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The Mystery of Being

The Mystery of Being

Title: The Mystery of Being
Author: Moshe Trop
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
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  • About the Book

    In the summer of 1983 the first convention of its kind in Israel dealt with the question of the source and origin of life. Many of the well known participants presented questions regarding the evolution of the universe.
    This book deals in these questions and provides answers not always “within the box” of the mainstream. It serves as a reply and support for the faithful thinkers of Torah attempts to explain theories to the scientific world.

  • About the Author

    The author, Moshe Trop, is a faculty member at Ariel University, Israel and Tel-Chai in the school of science and technology. He also served as a researcher
    at Ben-Gurion University, Rockefeller University, NY and RPI in Troy, New York. He has a PhD. In Biochemistry from the Hebrew University, Jeruslalem.

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