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The Secret of Being Together

The Secret of Being Together

Title: The Secret of Being Together
Author: Tsafi and Amos Zur
Page Count: 384
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN: 978-965-550-178-0

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  • About the Book

    A fascinating  journey of self-discovery into couple relationships inviting the reader to explore his/hers own relationships, and find the answers to many questions:

    -         Why love is not enough to maintain a successful relationship

    -         What is “Sextimacy” and how to develop it

    -         How to  choose the right partner

    -         How to resolve a failed relationship

    -         Sexual addiction and sex-rehab

    -         How to avoid the mistakes of 1st marriage when trying again

    -         Is it possible to divorce the past instead of divorcing your partner?

    -         How to cure couple relationships

    * a unique method for helping couples achieve better relationships

  • About the Author

    Tsafi and Amos Zur

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