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The Suicide of the Jews

The Suicide of the Jews

Title: The Suicide of the Jews
Author: Tsvi Bisk
Page Count: 354
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-486-6

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  • About the Book

    In this unconventional book, Tsvi Bisk asks: is the purpose of Zionism to recreate the Jewish past, or to create an alternative Jewish future that serves to redeem the past? Do the events of history determine how we must act by mindlessly following its tracks, or is their role to inspire us in how to manage the future?

    The Suicide of the Jews is a fable from the future; a cautionary tale about one of the noblest and bravest endeavors in human history - a story of unsurpassed idealism, heroism, invention and imagination. It is the story of a country which, in its infancy, inspired the entire world with its achievements and ability to survive in the face of overwhelming odds, but which may yet self- destruct as a result of policies that cling to the past rather than respond to the demands of the 21st century. The Suicide of the Jews is a ruthlessly logical extrapolation of current events that will please neither the left nor the right – a wake-up call to be heeded by all.


    Editorial Review:

    In 2015 Tsvi Bisk brought out a third related book, this one starkly titled 

    – The Suicide of the Jews: A Cautionary Tale. Darker in tone and 

    message from the previous two, it urgently warns that “If Israel will not 

    be a light unto the nations it will not be a light unto the Jews, and thus 

    will not be able to mobilize the energy and passion needed to survive.” 

    As a result of misguided policies that cling to the past and have no 

    investment in the democratic rule of law (theocratic power, settlement 

    authorization, and land idolatry) Israel may yet self-destruct and become 

    a third world state. 

    Working in the prophetic tradition of speaking truth to power, Tsvi 

    warns that power is being steadily gained by Israelis with little 

    appreciation for democracy, the Mizrahim (Jews from Arab countries), 

    the ultra-orthodox, and resolute Greater Israel settlers. He extrapolates 

    out to 2048, by which time Arabs and Orthodox extremists are the only 

    ones left, the best and the brightest having gone elsewhere by 2032: “By 

    2048, the country known as Israel has ceased to exist, 100 years after its 

    establishment.” (p.299).

    Highly regarded among futurists Tsvi Bisk does not presume to “tell the 

    future,” but instead ventures extrapolations from current events that 

    merit pondering by all who appreciate how high are the stakes for Jewry 

    (a people), Israel (a nation), Judaism (a religion), and thereby, for all of 

    humanity. Consistent with Tsvi’s pessimism, TechCast’s 130 experts put 

    the probability of Palestinian-Israeli peace at a low 15 %, and think it 

    even far less likely Israel will soon be conquered by force (2% 


    Tsvi would have us recognize as well the threat from within, the 

    challenges of redirecting cultural, ethical, and political drifts. With crisp, 

    engaging, and always informative writing, he promotes a nuanced 

    appreciation of the core challenge Israelis confront: Either become a 

    light unto the nations, or decline as a lost cause. 


    Arthur B. Shostak, PhD

    Emeritus Professor of Sociology

    Drexel University

  • About the Author

    Tsvi Bisk is an American Israeli futurist and social critic. He is contributing editor to The Futurist magazine with over 100 essays and articles to his credit. His previous books were Futurizing the Jews and The Optimistic Jew.

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