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The Urpalians

The Urpalians

Title: The Urpalians
Author: Oron Ofek
Page Count: 315
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-291-6
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  • About the Book


    Wizards…Shape Changers…Powerful Forces

    The Afgorian demanded that the bird answer his questions: Where did the Urpalians get their immense quantity of desert water?
    What was the secret of the bluish cloud which surrounded them?
    In the South Sinai Desert, 1312 before the creation of the universe, Daniel and his sister go out to gather medicinal herbs. Their father provides his son with a powerful talisman he received from the Prophet. Fate directs the two youngsters to a hidden cave concealing ancient secrets. Once revealed, the path of the two sworn enemies, the Afgorian and the Urpalians, is on a collision course of galactic proportions.

    This book is based on in-depth research of historical texts, as they appear in The Great Midrash, a thousand year old commentary on the Bible.

  • About the Author

    Oron Ofek is an experienced Chinese Medicine Therapist, who spends a large part of his time studying the Bible. Oron has authored two professional books, The Art of Healing with Chinese Nutrition and Diabetes: Treatment and Prevention in Chinese Medicine and Natural Healing. Urpalians is his first book of fiction.
    Oron lives with his family in Jerusalem, Israel.

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