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Title:  THE WOES OF GENDER DISCRIMINATION: Fired for Being Female 
Author: Dr. Nirit Toshav-Eichner
Page Count: 407
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-525-2
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  • About the Book


    Fired for Being Female addresses one of the more complex issues

    in the employment world, and one of the harsher penalties endured by

    working mothers- dismissal during pregnancy. The book closely follows the

    development of the implementation of the Israeli law meant to protect all

    women from dismissal, while exposing the manner in which the Women’s

    Labour Law became a law protecting employers. The phenomenon

    slowly emerges as a reflection of the economic, social and cultural shifts

    throughout the present and past of the State of Israel, as it moved from

    a socialist state to one in which money is the only driving force for both

    state and citizens.

    While the book is a fascinating documentation of the development of

    the phenomenon as reflected in the strengthening of neo-liberalism, the

    author succeeds in tracing the ways in which inequality is created, to

    demonstrate how the weak are weakened, how the actions of women may

    assist them in maintaining their employment status, as well as providing

    an in-depth examination of how the individual’s cultural-economic capital

    improves their chances of receiving the state’s protection. The book points

    to the fact that a lack of coordination between the various government

    ministries, non-uniform legislation, blurred task definitions and varied

    institutional interests significantly impede the ability of women to access

    legal assistance.

    The study of dismissals during pregnancy points to wider social problems,

    and this book therefore acts as a unique document which may act as a

    milestone for decision makers and aid organizations or individuals seeking

    to understand the ways in which it is possible to minimize inequality, for

    the benefit of a more just society.

  • About the Author

    Dr. Nirit Toshav-Eichner is a researcher and lecturer on “The New

    Labour World” and an organizational consultant as well as an academic

    member of faculty at the Peres Academic Centre. She completed her

    doctoral studies at the Hebrew University in the Department of Sociology,

    Organizational Studies

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