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The Wristband Method

The Wristband Method

Title: The Wristband Method
Author: Shany Galiany Doron
Page Count: 100
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-257-2

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  • About the Book

    “For as long as I can remember, I was fat, overweight, and needed to lose weight. At 286 lbs., I scheduled surgery and my appointment was set for two-and-a-half months later. While I waited for my surgery date, I heard of the Wristband Method. Within one month, I lost 13 lbs., and 132 lbs. in one year!”

    The Wristband Method utilizes three “watch guards” – red, orange, and yellow wristbands – that will change your life. You’ll learn how to use these bands every time you have negative thoughts such as: I’m failing! I’m unable to do it! I’ve tried everything – nothing works!

    Instead, you’ll develop your inner monologue with thoughts like: This time I’ll make it! I’m losing weight and feeling wonderful! I’m improving my physical appearance! The Wristband Method is simple to use, has been proven effective, and will bring you the results you want, and need.


  • About the Author

    Shany Galiany Doron is a marketing and public relations professional, and the CEO and owner of Shany Shefa Projects Ltd, a company that markets the weight loss method “A New Day.” Shany is a personal coach for balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and a consultant to many companies. She has two children and lives in Kfar Yona, Israel.

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