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War of Intelligences

War of Intelligences

Title: War of Intelligences
Author: Ze’ev Aviraz
Page Count: 540
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN: 978-965-550-106-3
Previously published
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  • About the Book

    “War of Intelligences” introduces the fierce struggle taking place between the two concepts of Intelligences: the Dark and the Enlightened. The Enlightened Intelligence aspires for progress and evolution, while the Dark Intelligence wishes to stop any evolutionary process and stands for inactivity and stagnation. The Dark Intelligence or the Domain of Darkness, as it is depicted in the book, was the chaos that preceded all. It was the beginning described in the book of Genesis.

    It wishes to stay as is and is against any kind of change, because any change draws energy from it and diminishes its power. So, when Creation started as a result of an energetic call (“the Big Bang”), the Domain of Darkness did everything in its power, and is still doing, to retract this new phenomenon and retrieve the previous condition of passivity and immobility. The Enlightened system fights back, sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it fails and is swallowed back in to the Domain of Darkness . It has happened before in the history of the universe, many times, or to be precise, eleven times.
    This channeling tells us about the preceding eleven Creations that terminated and formed a body of representatives from all the Creations: the “Supreme Council”. Currently, we are at the twelfth Creation, and that”s why the number twelve is a dominant factor in our Creation. The reason this information is channeled to human beings through the messenger who received it is to remind us of our origin and our place in the expanding enlightened system at a time when an energy shift is about to happen. The struggle between the two forces may also be regarded as an allegory for the current war taking place on earth between the forces of progress and those of regression. it is compelling tale that may be applied to the wars happening on our planet between two attitudes: that of Western World that wishes to bring progress to humanity and that of the world of terror that worships the death cult and regression. The information in this book has been channeled directly through a renowned Israeli psychic.

  • About the Author

    Zeev Aviraz, who has been holding spiritual workshops in israel for about twelve years and has written dozens of books with valuable information all channeled by his spiritual guides. This is his latest book.

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